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Promotes Ubud as a Green Destination
UBUD - The Ubud Hotels Association (UHA) is promoting Ubud as a green destination with a series of charitable and environmental activities, as well as hosting a seminar. The UHA is a non-profit; non-government organization comprised primarily of hoteliers and allied members who actively service the hospitality industry.

Ramia Adnyana, Chairman of the UHA, says: “Ubud is surrounded by most of the things that bring people to Bali - scenic rice fields, small villages, art and craft communities, ancient temples, palaces, rivers, museums, and a traditional market. These are all key attractions that must be well maintained and preserved. Our endeavor is to highlight Ubud not only as a cultural destination but also as a green destination that will become an exemplar. To realize this, we regularly undertake community-led environmental campaigns, such as Clean up the World, tree planting and school mentoring. We are also encouraging and supporting members to take action at a local level to help address environmental issues. Our programmed is expected to bring together many tourism industries, hamlets, schools, visitors and local citizens in order to collect as much rubbish as possible from within their own communities and reconsider their waste management on the Island of the Gods. Similarly, as part of our corporate social responsibility to Ubud, we frequently make visits to orphanages, and organize seminars.”

Ramia Adnyana summarizes: “I believe that Ubud can become a quality destination that will benefit all layers of the community by remaining true to the eco-friendly concept known as Tri Hita Karana, the Balinese Philosophy of life, which advocates that we should all live in balance and harmony with God, other human beings, and the environment.”

In line with this concept, the UHA will be supporting humanitarian, religious and environmental causes. On 28th August the UHA visited the humanitarian charity known as Yayasan Senyum, the Smile Foundation of Bali, which helps people with crania-facial disabilities by facilitating operations for cleft lips and palates. On 1st September the UHA visited the temple of Pura Gunung Rawung at the village of Taro, to pray and to plant 300 white cempaka trees. Often planted near Hindu temples, the fragrant cempaka flower is used in offerings to the gods.

On 4th September, the UHA promoted the spirit of ecological responsibility in Ubud by participating once again in the annual ‘Clean Up the World Weekend’. Finally, on 8th September, the UHA hosted a seminar with key speakers Rhenald Kasali and Anand Krishna, as well as a prominent representative from Key Airlines partner. The seminar will be held at the Convention House at Royal Pita Maha Resort.
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